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If you are serious about developing a web site to attract and retain paying customers, sources of research or new ideas, you don't want to have to worry about whether your page has all the elements needed to be successful in Cyberspace. Fast, dynamic, colorful, and new graphics, layouts and incentives need to be carefully balanced with product or service details that are almost immediately informative and yet still establish a strong presence. Not for the faint of heart. Executive Web Services will assist you in making those decisions, helping to guide you around the pitfalls that so many have experienced while staying ahead of the curve and staying on top of the developing trends in Internet technology. We will provide you with a single point of accountability for planning, designing, implementing, managing and supporting your requirements.

We create attractive and highly functional sites with ease of use as a guiding principle. We develop our sites with an eye for compatibility across multiple platforms and browsers. And most importantly, we truly listen to our client's needs and expectations in order to develop the best possible strategy for their web site. This is not only a crucial step in planning the development of the site, but also helps to reduce costs during the design and production stages. Because every site is different, and every company's needs unique, we typically assess prices on an individual basis, based on hourly development rates. We do our best to assess accurate prices when we discuss your site and we keep you informed of any changes throughout the progress of your site. Our Project Access page allows our clients to preview their site as it is being developed, keeping the lines of communication open and allowing us to work efficiently on what is important to the client.

Web DesignersWeb Site Design - Don't know your HTML from your ASP? No problem! Let us handle the technical stuff while we create a custom site for you that’s as individual as you are. Or choose from a multitude of pre-designed templates that can be easily tailored to your requirements. Our extensive resources and expertise, with over 20 years of combined Internet knowledge and experience, is ready to provide you with the quality web site that you deserve!
Web DevelopersWeb Site Redesign - Have an existing site that needs some attention? Is it loading too slowly? Do you have images that need to be changed or added? Is your current content old and in need of an update? Or is your site just plain dull and crying out for a complete redesign? Tap into our expertise and creativity to transform your current site into one you’ll be proud of!
Web DesignersWeb Site Consulting - Don’t see your site at the top of the search engines? Have an application or idea that you’d like to have implemented? Need to know your options for site hosting or domain names? Or are you disappointed with your current consultant and looking for a team that is totally service oriented and customer-driven? Try Executive Web Services… we have the skills and talent to provide results you can count on. We ask the right questions to get it done right the first time, saving you time and money. And we are never satisfied unless you are!
Web DevelopersWeb Site Quotation - The first step. Please go to our “Quotation” page and complete the form with as much detail as possible. Typically we will respond within one business day. If you have a question or concern that can be addressed via e-mail, please go to our “Contact Us” page.
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Web DesignersSite Marketing - The last thing anyone wants is to have a web site disappear into Cyberspace. As specialists in search engine placement and statistical analysis, we can typically place a client’s web site within the top ten search results on most of the major search engines. We can also implement link exchanges with your site that will target traffic specific to it’s content, as well as link your site to general Internet “catalogs” that are used by those interested in the content you have available. Included as an option on all of our web development quotes, we will work tirelessly to drive traffic to your site, often extending ourselves beyond the quoted fee because we realize it is a crucial aspect to the success of your web site and vital to our success as web developers!
Web DevelopersWeb Site Maintenance and Support - We include 30 days of Gold Support with every web development project, which means that we will make minor “after-thought” changes to your site free for thirty days after it is approved and published to the web (barring a complete overhaul of course). These slight changes are often needed after a site goes “live” to improve its look or increase its functionality, and we will likely recommend some ourselves. However, we will never make any changes to your site unless it is at your request or with your approval. Beyond the 30 days of Gold Support, changes may still be necessary in order to keep your content fresh. For a low hourly fee we will provide the additional support necessary to implement those changes (higher priority support is also available for an additional fee). This service can also be provided for existing web sites.(To the list)
Web DesignersCross Browser Compatibility - We are cross browser fanatics! Some of the most beautiful web sites we have seen do not work in all browsers. While Internet Explorer does dominate the market, significant groups of people do prefer to use other browsers, such as Netscape. We always recommend site designs that comply with the World Wide Web Consortium, also known as W3C (http://www.w3.org). They are the final arbiters for most of the information standards currently in use on the Internet. W3C compliance requires that all visitors to a compliant site will be able to experience it in the same way, regardless of which browser they are using. Our tendency is to stay away from gimmicky, jazzy HTML because of incompatibility issues. Sometimes simpler is better and we tend to go with what we know works well.
Web DevelopersText Authoring and Editing - What you have to say as well as how you say it is key to establishing a professional presence on the Web. We offer professional writing services at nominal fees for both commercial and personal web sites, press releases, newsletters and articles, information and communication campaigns, as well as editing and proof reading of text.
Web DesignersCustom Graphics and Animated Images - We have some of the best software available to generate quality custom graphics for you. Though there are thousands of web sites out there that offer free clip art, our preference would be to create all original graphics for your site that will display the thoughts you are trying to convey as well as your individuality. We also offer custom animated image graphics for banners, advertising, and other applications.
Web DevelopersCustom Logo Design - Put our creative processes and state of the art image editors to work for you on a logo design that is unique, vibrant, and will represent your company for years. We can even give your current logo a facelift or accurately digitize it for use in electronic documents or communication.(To the list)
Web DesignDigital Photography, Photo Editing, and Scanning - Do you already have photo images that you would like to use for your site? For an hourly fee we can scan photos, company literature, or artwork. Or we can schedule a photography session to take digital pictures of your establishment and/or products. In addition, our graphics software provides the capability of extensive photo editing to your specifications.
Web DevelopmentAd Banner Packages - Let us quote pricing for your next ad banner promotion.
Web DesignersJavaScript, DHTML - We can create custom JAVA scripting to support a multitude of applications on your site. We can also incorporate DHTML (Dynamic Hypertext Markup Language), which can provide page effects similar to Macromedia Flash at a fraction of the cost of creating Flash applications. Most of these effects are only available to Internet Explorer users but Netscape's new 6.0 browser is now able to support many of them.
Web DevelopersJava Applets - There are a wide array of applets available for your site that support many different applications and effects. Most of these are available for free but some do require purchase.
Web DesignersBulletin Boards, Online Surveys, Interactive Forms & Guest Books - These customized interactive forms are similar to those you will find on our quote and contact us pages. They can be tailored to provide a means of obtaining virtually any type of information that you would like to retrieve from visitors to your site, including questionnaires, online product sales, and many other applications. The forms can be setup to send visitor responses to a specific e-mail address or post information to pages within your site, such as message boards, forums, or guest books.
Web DevelopersCustom HTML E-mail Newsletters - We can create custom web-based e-mail letters that are great for communicating with subscribers to your mailing list. Once setup, we can instruct you on how they can be edited and sent.(To the list)
Web DesignersE-mail List Maintenance & Support - For a nominal fee we can maintain your e-mail list for you or provide instruction on maintaining the list yourself. Initially we would create the basic page format per your input, then periodically you would send us an update that can be inserted into your formatted page and e-mailed to your list. All mailing lists entrusted to us are kept strictly confidential.
Web DevelopersRestricted Access - Should you require restricted access, password protection can be provided for either your entire site or specific areas of your site.
Web DesignersLive Interactive Communication - Also known as "chat," can be added to your new or existing site.
Web DevelopersHosting - We can either host your site for you (the computer server that your page resides on the Internet), or setup your new site on a web host server of your choice.
Web DesignersSecure Hosting - Secure hosting is also available, used primarily for sensitive information such as credit card processing. Though there has been a large influx of inexpensive secure web hosts available in the market, our recommendation is to use an established, reliable secure host who offers the most services for the least amount of money.
Web DevelopersSecure eCommerce - Want to start an online store? There are several things to consider. Along with the design of the overall look of your site, a priced list of the merchandise you intend to offer will need to be developed for inclusion in your pages. Secure hosting is also a necessity (see above) and the various forms setup to process the transaction aspect. Ideally your business is already handling credit card authorizations. If not, you will either need to have that service setup for yourself or select a reputable web service (such as Pay Pal) that can process your credit card sales on a percentage basis.(To the list)
Web DesignersShopping Carts - Nearly all secure hosts for ecommerce sites offer shopping cart capability. We can setup this hosting for you and have a shopping cart integrated into your site. As an alternative, we can setup a shopping cart for you through PayPal, an easy and inexpensive way for small business websites to accept payments online. Since you will likely need to revise prices and add/remove products, for a nominal fee we can either update the site for you or show you how to perform the maintenance yourself.

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